5. Publish a Campaign

Once you publish your Campaign, it will be put on hold for verification by Little Flags, it may take up to one to two days, please give us time to make sure things are legit. It is also in your interest to help us verify by filling in as much info as possible. We understand each and every case is urgent and unique, Little Flags will work hard to shorten the verification process as much as possible.

You will be notified upon successful completion of the verification process (or additional information is required). At this point, please share and tag all your friends!  We suggest you share the Campaign to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and all other social networks you might use.

We also strongly suggest creating a Fundraiser Challenge at this point, this is the key to the success of creating noise and a successful raise for the Campaign. Please refer to the ‘Fundraiser’ section for further details.

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