4. Create a Campaign

‘Create Campaign’ via ‘+’ button on top toolbar.

Title – Keep it short and catchy, stay away from vulgar language.

Beneficiary – Choose a listed Beneficiary on Little Flags, or if the Beneficiary you intend to help and support is not listed, get in touch with them and encourage them to join.

Administrator – We added one more seat for you to assign help to manage the Campaign. Administrators must be a registered Users on Little Flags.

Target raise – Be optimistic, be realistic. Donors offer love, do not abuse it.

Duration / Due date – minimum 1 day, maximum 60 days.

Description – This is where the action happens. Be truthful, share everything that touches your heart about the Cause and therefore the reasons for starting the Campaign for the Beneficiary. Share more about the Beneficiary, convince Donors of the validity of the campaign, preferably upload all relevant documents and media such as pictures and videos to show the public. The more info provided and structured in a presentable easy-to-understand manner, the higher the chance of reaching your target raise.

Campaign banner – don’t forget to put on an attractive banner. Nevertheless, please ensure you have the rights to post and share the image chosen.

Category – scroll and choose the right category, we will help you target the right segment of people.

Banking details – Once a chosen bank account info is provided, it cannot be altered.

Scenarios below:

  • If the Beneficiary is already registered and listed on Little Flags, naturally the bank account info will be such Beneficiary’s bank account, which does not require additional inputting
  • If the Beneficiary is not registered and listed on Little Flags, please have the Beneficiary register first, or create and register a new Beneficiary Little Flags user account on the spot. Thereafter, before the Campaign can be published, the Beneficiary is required to be verified by Little Flags.
  • If the Organiser is accepting funds on behalf of the Beneficiary, due to reasons such as Beneficiary is physically or mentally incapable, Organiser may input his/her own bank account info, yet Organiser must be able to successfully prove to Little Flags the relationship between Organiser and Beneficiary, please expect a rigorous due diligence process.

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