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9. Reporting

Upon successful completion of each Campaign, Organiser shall receive a report generated by Little Flags, which shall list info including but not limited to Campaign details, Donors, donations, requests for tax receipts and so on.

8. Fraud

We exert our best efforts to conduct thorough due diligence on Users that are engaged in fundraising activities, fighting potential money laundering and terrorism financing, but we also need your help. If you smell something is wrong and have evidence to prove, we welcome you to report to us the matter via the ‘Report’ button …

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7. Withdraw funds

The Withdrawal process may take up to a few days, trust us, we are doing our best.  You can withdraw funds anytime, even when the Campaign hasn’t reached its target raise or expiry, nevertheless, once the withdrawal is activated, there is no turning back, no more donations are allowed from that point onwards.  At this …

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7. Refund

All donations made through Little Flags are non-refundable, unless if one of the following occurs: Fraud – if, after an investigation by Little Flags, a Campaign is proved to be fraudulent Unauthorised Campaigns – referring to Terms of Services, certain Campaigns are unauthorised due to their nature A potential refund to the Donors of specific …

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6. Tax deduction & Receipts

Donations to Individuals – Are considered personal gifts and not tax-deductible under Hong Kong tax law. Donations to recognised Charity Organisations – Over the amount of HKD100 are considered tax-deductible under Hong Kong tax law. A check box is available upon donation to opt for a tax receipt to be issued by the recognised Charity …

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6. Suspension of Fundraiser Challenges

Challenges may be subject to investigation and potential suspension if: Challenge is against our Terms of Service Challenge is reported If a Challenge is suspended, the respective Fundraiser (User) may be warned or suspended too.

6. Security

All traffic to Little Flags is monitored continuously and encrypted using Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Our application firewall monitors continuously for Malware and cyberattacks to ensure only clean traffic reaches our platform.

6. Edit a Campaign

You can edit your campaign after it is created. Please however note that if you change the Beneficiary, your campaign will be temporary suspended as Little Flags needs to verify the identity of the new Beneficiary. Change of Beneficiary should only happen when the Beneficiary is no longer able to collect donations in his own …

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