FAQ Category: Beneficiaries

Information for beneficiaries.

3. Issue tax receipts

It is required by law for eligible Charity Organisations to present to Donors tax receipts upon donations above HKD100 per. It is the Organiser’s responsibility to ensure the Beneficiary issues such tax receipts to Donors that have requested such, which will be clearly listed and indicated in the report generated to the Organiser after completion …

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2. How to become a Beneficiary

Beneficiary must be registered with Little Flags. Verification is required for both individuals or entities, including but not limited to ID verification and submission of relevant official documentation.

1. Who is a Beneficiary

A Beneficiary is a person or entity, that is a Hong Kong resident or Hong Kong registered entity respectively, whom receives and benefits from funds raised via a Campaign created by an Organiser. Such person or entity is required to be verified by Little Flags.  Political organisations and their affiliates, as well as any organisations …

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