FAQ Category: Fundraiser

Information for Fundraisers.

6. Suspension of Fundraiser Challenges

Challenges may be subject to investigation and potential suspension if: Challenge is against our Terms of Service Challenge is reported If a Challenge is suspended, the respective Fundraiser (User) may be warned or suspended too.

5. Fundraiser Challenge receiving endorsement

Since all Challenges are attached to specific Campaigns, Campaign Organisers may choose to ‘endorse’ the Challenge. The Fundraiser shall have such ‘endorsement’ shown on the Challenge page in the format of a badge.

3. What do Fundraisers do

Fundraisers are the facilitators, the fun-lovers, the creative people. Fundraisers create Challenges for Campaigns, the Challenges are related to the Cause of the Campaign, presented in a playful yet respectful manner, making charity fun.

2. Why a Fundraiser

Fundraisers are the game changer, these are the roles that create the bridge between Donors and Beneficiaries. This is where fun and social is injected into giving.

1. Who is a Fundraiser

Any registered Little Flags User that creates, accepts or shares a Challenge to help fundraise for a Campaign(s). Users are not required to be verified by Little Flags to become a Fundraiser.

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