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Information for Organisers.

9. Reporting

Upon successful completion of each Campaign, Organiser shall receive a report generated by Little Flags, which shall list info including but not limited to Campaign details, Donors, donations, requests for tax receipts and so on.

7. Withdraw funds

The Withdrawal process may take up to a few days, trust us, we are doing our best.  You can withdraw funds anytime, even when the Campaign hasn’t reached its target raise or expiry, nevertheless, once the withdrawal is activated, there is no turning back, no more donations are allowed from that point onwards.  At this …

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6. Edit a Campaign

You can edit your campaign after it is created. Please however note that if you change the Beneficiary, your campaign will be temporary suspended as Little Flags needs to verify the identity of the new Beneficiary. Change of Beneficiary should only happen when the Beneficiary is no longer able to collect donations in his own …

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5. Publish a Campaign

Once you publish your Campaign, it will be put on hold for verification by Little Flags, it may take up to one to two days, please give us time to make sure things are legit. It is also in your interest to help us verify by filling in as much info as possible. We understand …

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4. Create a Campaign

‘Create Campaign’ via ‘+’ button on top toolbar. Title – Keep it short and catchy, stay away from vulgar language. Beneficiary – Choose a listed Beneficiary on Little Flags, or if the Beneficiary you intend to help and support is not listed, get in touch with them and encourage them to join. Administrator – We …

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3. How to get verified

Verification is acquired through a guided simple process including but not limited to ID verification and submission of documents, with the objective to validate and authenticate the person or entity.

2. Age requirement

Where a person under the age of 18 seeks to be an Organiser, written consent by a parent or guardian must be received by Little Flags before such person may be accepted as an Organiser. Where an Organiser is under the age of 18, Little Flags may impose restrictions, such as restricting the use of …

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1. Who is an Organiser

An Organiser is a person or entity, that is a Hong Kong resident or Hong Kong registered entity respectively. Such person or entity is required to be verified by Little Flags. After successful verification, Organisers are allowed access to organise Campaigns for and on behalf of Beneficiaries.

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