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General information about Little Flags.

8. Fraud

We exert our best efforts to conduct thorough due diligence on Users that are engaged in fundraising activities, fighting potential money laundering and terrorism financing, but we also need your help. If you smell something is wrong and have evidence to prove, we welcome you to report to us the matter via the ‘Report’ button …

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6. Security

All traffic to Little Flags is monitored continuously and encrypted using Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Our application firewall monitors continuously for Malware and cyberattacks to ensure only clean traffic reaches our platform.

5. Fees & Currency

Little Flags charges a fixed administration fee of 5% on all donations, plus transaction fees charged by various payment gateways. All in Hong Kong Dollars. We DO NOT charge Beneficiaries any fee. Zero Fee policy to the people in need.

4. General usage

Anyone is welcome to join Little Flags, the prerequisite is to register an account, then you’re off to go! All users must read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in order to participate on the Little Flags platform.

3. What I can do on Little Flags

Like on any social media, share your personal moments and connect with friends, take the opportunity to promote good and acts of kindness, spread love.

2. Our values

Little Flags is the pathway to hope for the little guys, through innovation and disruption we inject fun and social into giving, with strong emphasis on security and transparency, extending and expanding empathy thus normalsing giving to all walks of life

1. Who we are

Little Flags is a social media platform facilitating crowd-donations via creative fundraiser challenges, with the sole purpose of nurturing positivity and promoting acts of kindness.

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