How It Works

It's easy to start a fundraiser campaign for an Individual or a Charity on Little Flags.

Fundraise for Individuals

Start a Campaign

Tell the story and describe in detail the situation the Beneficiary is facing. Touch people’s hearts with the truth, this is what you want to deliver and what people want to hear.

Create a Fundraiser Challenge

Upload your Challenge videos, photos, or even just text. Challenges should relate to the Cause of the Campaign, try to keep it simple. Being creative is the key!

Share with Friends

TAG! TAG! TAG all your friends on Little Flags. Share on your social media to maximise reach.

Manage Your Campaign

Update Donors all the time! Always respond to questions and comments from Users and Donors ASAP. Endorse exhilarating Challenges proposed and conducted by users.

Manage Donations

Donors donate to share their love, please be grateful and always thank Donors.

Help a friend in need

Fundraise for the people you care about

Do you have a friend or neighbour who is doing it tough? You can help and fundraise for them easily on Little Flags by creating a fundraising campaign.

Fundraise for Charities

Find your Charity

Search for your favourite NGO in our NGO Directory.

Buy a Flag or Create a Campaign

Purchase a beautifully designed flag from the participating Charity, or create a fundraising campaign for your Charity.

Share with Friends

Spread the words, spread the love. Help your favourite Charity by sharing on your social media.

Featured Flags

Help your local community

Fundraise for your favourite charities

There are many ways you can support your favourite charities. Whether you are purchasing a flag or creating a fundraising challenge, every dollar helps and will make a difference.

Got a Question?

You may find your answer on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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