About Us

We are Little Flags

A Social Media Platform Facilitating Crowd-Donations via Creative Fundraiser Challenges, with the Sole Purpose of Nurturing Positivity and Promoting Acts of Kindness.

The establishment of Little Flags is inspired by young students selling ‘Flags’ in Hong Kong back in the old days for various Charity Organisations on the streets with their massive handheld pouches, passersby donating spare change and in return receiving a flag-sticker as a token of appreciation. The love was simple and direct.

Little Flags wishes to replicate this experience into the digital social media world, bringing back that simple and direct kind of love, in an even more complete and enhanced manner.

Our Core Beliefs

Fun & Social

Extend empathy and gamify fundraising.


Giving made easy amongst all walks of life, allowing everyone to participate in charity.


Revolutionising how charity is conducted and perceived online.


You know exactly where your money is going to.


Non-biased and believe in the freedom to make our own choices.


Any person or entity can fundraise and market at no upfront cost and unrestricted organic growth.

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