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Little Flags is a Social Media Platform
Facilitating Crowd-Donations
Via Creative Fundraiser Challenges
With the Sole Purpose of Nurturing Positivity
And Promoting Acts of Kindness

How it works

How it works

Start a Campaign

  • Verify your account, including both Organiser and Beneficiary accounts in order to acquire approval for any Campaign to commence

  • Tell the story and describe in detail the situation the Beneficiary is facing. Touch people’s hearts with the truth, this is what you want to deliver and what people want to hear 

  • Set your target fundraise amount and duration. Remember to be realistic! Oh and a gentle reminder, all Campaigns must be less than 60 days

  • Add many pictures/photos and videos and visually impact your viewer 

  • After approval you want to promote your Campaign by creating a Fundraiser Challenge!

Create a Fundraiser Challenge

Create a Fundraiser Challenge

  • Any User on Little Flags can become a Fundraiser 

  • The creation of Challenges are essential to facilitate fundraising activities for Campaigns

  • Design your Challenge with the objective to attract as many friends and friends of friends to participate as possible, of course it must be FUN!

  • Challenges should relate to the Cause of the Campaign, try to keep it simple

  • Upload your Challenge videos, photos, or even just text

  • If you are an Organiser of a Campaign and believe there are more creative people than yourself, feel free to invite any User on Little Flags to buy-in to your Cause and create a Fundraiser Challenge for your Campaign!

Share with Friends

Share with Friends

  • TAG! TAG! TAG all your friends on Little Flags

  • Share on other social media

  • Send through emails or text messages

Manage Campaigns

Manage Campaigns

  • Update Donors all the time

  • Always respond to questions and comments from Users and Donors ASAP

  • Endorse exhilarating Challenges proposed and conducted by Users 

Manage Donations

Manage Donations

  • Donors donate to share their love, please be grateful and always thank Donors 

  • Withdraw donations when Campaign is completed or anytime you deem appropriate, this shall require approval from Little Flags

  • Thank Donors AGAIN




A social media for fun & exciting fundraising challenges and crowd-donations